The Perfect Bike To Learn On – Kawasaki KLX 140


Every weekend at the motocross park new people come into the park with the same mission:  To learn how to ride a dirt bike. Many of these faces do not know what a clutch is or how to even make the bike turn on. In fact, many of the riders have never driven a manual car and have not even been introduced to the concept. It is important that each rider feel safe and comfortable while learning how to ride. So which bike should they learn on? At the park we have found that there is one bike in particular that is almost perfect for every newbie: The Kawasaki KLX 140.


Why is this bike so good to learn on? Let me name a few.

1: It is not so powerful that it is dangerous for new riders. But it is not so slow that they don’t get the feel of a dirt bike.

2: It has an electric start. The rider does not have to kick forever trying to get this bike on. The rider simply flip the switch, and this bike is on. If the rider panics, they just flip the switch off.

3: It lasts forever. It is like a tank. It is durable. We have two KLX 140’s at the park at this moment. These bikes have been abused, over and over and over. For new riders, it is not uncommon for them to over rev first gear – to the point where the engine is absolutely screaming. We have not had any engines blow up, despite even the most destructive new learner! The clutch also lasts forever for those riders who spend an extra long time trying to learn the “friction zone.”

4: It is a nice height. It is good for teenagers and also adults. It is not ideal to throw a new rider straight onto a 250 or 450. This is a nice stepping stone before moving to stage two.

5: It is not a good dirt bike to try jumping on the track. This is not a race bike and is not really good to try your first double on. While I am sure it could handle it, the landing would not be so graceful. This bike does not tempt our new riders to get in over their head. But it does allow them to get the feel for a dirt bike track by encouraging them to roll the jumps.

For more info on this bike, check out this link: KLX 140 Review

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