Reaching New Heights


It’s funny how sports give you goals. The height of these goals are often only understood by others who participate in your sport. But sometimes, the accomplishment of your feat is great enough for others to even recognize it. This past Saturday I did the largest jump at our track, Mesa Motocross Park. I did it in on practice day. And I did it repeatedly. On Sunday, race day, I did not do this jump at all. I had people cheering and  expecting me to do it, but I still declined. As a rider, an adult, I have come to learn over time that you should always do something just for yourself. I knew that the conditions of the track on Sunday were more sandy that I was acquainted with. For me to jump would of probably been fine but I was not willing to risk a mistake on my part. Rather than put on a show to prove to others what I could do…. I chose to smile in my own accomplishment the day before and come back to my “new jump” on another, less challenging, day. 
Reaching New Heights

How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

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