One Year Anniversary

IMG_01461 year ago I left my picture perfect corporate job to pursue my dream of working in the motorcycle industry. And what an unbelievable ride it has been!! There are no words to describe the roller coaster that has been the last year. One thing I’ve def learned is motocross track operation is nothing more than a labor of love. Also I’ve learned… That while other factors are important ingredients, the success of the track lies entirely on the track conditions. And the prep to make this seemingly “simple” task happen requires a work ethic that borders on masochism. The time investment required is never-ending and couldn’t happen without giving up your life to see the track succeed. And I truly have done that. My life has taking a 180% u-turn in every way since starting to work here. I can still say one year later, I am exceedingly greatful for the opportunity to take on this life changing job. I am exceedingly poor financially but rich with experience now. I made many mistakes  over the last year but the greatest success are first met with failure. I look forward to hopefully many more years of continuing to work in the motorcycle industry. While the last year wasn’t always a Disney ride, it was certainly the best decision I ever made!! I’ve learned a huge amount over the last year. I hope more people will feel inspired to break away from their cookie cutter lives and be willing to lose it all to gain everything.