Guide to Get Started in Motocross Racing


I’m always searching for how to better our motocross track and race series. Here is a nice link on some guidelines to keep in mind when preparing for a motocross race: Click Here

I also have some advice for the newbies entering the sport:


This may seem obvious…. But you should always train for a race. If you are just learning how to turn on the bike or are fighting with the concept of a clutch, you’ll want to reconsider that race entry you submitted. Races are not just a casual cruise around a course. It’s a high energy, invigorating, high risk endeavor. Riders enter races for a chance to proof to themselves (or others) what they can do. It’s a gauge of skill, showmanship, and personal control.


Second, an understanding of the race format makes for a much more enjoyable experience. Before attending the race cruise the website. Confirm the race schedule, check when the riders meeting is, what time the first practice starts, and races tentatively begin. Our race series opens the front gate at 7am. Registration runs from 7 to 8:30 and riders meeting starts at 8:30. The practices begin at 8:45. The race schedule is then posted at 9:30 and races start around 10. The races are done in a two Moto format. So after you do your second race, you must wait for the race schedule to repeat so you may run your second race.


Third, become familiar with the start of the races. Watch the start of a race and familiarize yourself with the drop of the score board. Does the board girl simply hold up the board for 30 seconds, flip side ways, and than have gate drop? Or does the board girl hold the board for 25 seconds, flip board hold 5 seconds, and than throw board sideways and run off track? The timing is always the same but it better allows rider to prep for the gate drop.


Fourth, it is important that you understand your requirements as a rider. Pay attention at the riders meeting. Under the colors of the flags. Familiarize yourself with where the checkered flag will be displayed. Understand how many laps each class has before the white flag comes out. Find out how many gates there are. Check to see if the races have transponders or if they are manually scored. Look for the race entrance and race exit on track as they may be different than normal track days.



Fifth, associate yourself with the facility. Did you come with a family? If so, check to see if park has concession. Do you need to wash your bike after ride? Inquire if park has bike wash. And let’s not forget the bathrooms. Does the park have port-o-potties or real bathrooms available? For the racer this stuff is not as important but if you come with spectators they will be asking you and expecting an answer. As a racer you want to focus all your energy on mentally preparing for race and not looking into information like this.

Six, have fun!! Enjoy the chase! Remember you do this because you have a passion for it and it makes u feel alive/challenged/energized. Don’t get stuck in all the details and forget your mission. Set a goal for the season and strive after it. Your ability to achieve success can only be met if u stay committed to that which you want. If you want to win, fight for it. If u desire to have fun, than keep your eyes on that. You only live once, so enjoy it.