Motorcycles Ignite The Passion in People


Be strong. Be beautiful. Feel life. Give life. Be humble. Be passionate. Be yourself.

People appreciate people who show their soul. In a world so guarded, so scared to express themselves it becomes “unique” to meet someone who doesn’t hold to those same standards. As the manager of a race track, I continually meet new people. As the track is located near the heart of Miami, we bring in riders from around the world. It is not uncommon to receive emails from countries such as Russia, Ireland, Africa, Argentina, Spain, Japan, Jerusalem, Cuba (to name a few). As would be  expected, the dynamics of people range wildly. The faces of people who sign in at the gate are all special. Sometimes very kind, patient. Other times (like all customer service jobs), rude or irrational with their requests. Regardless, I have slowly started to learn that the best way to connect with others in the world (and at the track) is to not be fearful of self-expression. When you listen and look someone in the eyes when they speak, you discover what makes that person tick. You won’t always agree with that persons view, or you might even be turned off by their personality, but you will see their humanity when you take a peak into their world. Bikes tend to ignite peoples eyes, and create a creation among the riders. When each rider expresses themselves, and the other person genuinely listens, you will both have opportunities which did not previously exist.